The Value Plan will help you create products and services that enable your customers, organization, employees, partners, society and the planet to THRIVE!

It's clearly no longer enough to just make products or services that generate profit.  If these profits come at the expense of our employees, partners, society, planet, or even our customers, negative consequences will quickly follow.  But the old tools of learning marketing are built to help us ignore these factors rather than embrace this reality and create things that help each of these important stakeholders to thrive.  The Value Plan was written to help you unlock new sources of value for each of these stakeholders, and in the process, to make a measurable positive impact.

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What's inside The Value Plan?

  • 1

    Section 1: Build A Value Mindset

    If you don't have a value mindset, then you and your organization will continue to emphasize profits above all other results. While profits are fundamental to success, they are the outcome but not the goal. If you create value, fundamentally profits will follow, and Section 1 of The Value Plan will help you redefine the purpose of marketing, the importance of value, and how these can be linked together to create a new approach to developing the products and services that you create.

  • 2

    Section 2: Learn The Tools for Unleashing Value

    Anyone who makes a new product or service has 12 tools at their disposal to help enhance the value that these products or services create. This second section of The Value Plan introduces you to each of these tools so that can gain expertise in (1) what each tool is, (2) how it works, and (3) how you can work with this tool to create breakthrough products and services.

  • 3

    Section 3: Create Breakthrough Products & Services

    This section of The Value Plan introduces you to a clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to go from zero to testing and ultimately launching products and services that generate unprecedented levels of value for your customers, organization, employees, partners, society and the planet. Each step comes with its own worksheet, and wherever possible, case examples have been added to help guide you through each step.

The Value Plan Workbook
Detailed worksheet to support your value-creation efforts

The Value Plan Workbook follows each of the twelve steps outlined in Section 3 of The Value Plan, and shows you exactly what needs to be done to complete each of these steps.

  • The Workbook includes full color worksheets for each of the steps outlined in Section 3 of The Value Plan. The Value Plan Workbook consists of a total of 18 worksheets, each dedicated to a specific step of The Value Plan.
  • Each worksheet is built as a platform for your brainstorming and thinking. Wherever appropriate examples are given to help guide your thinking and work within each of the steps of The Value Plan process.