As I discuss in The Value Plan book, there are many outstanding tools to help support your Value Planning process. Here, I have listed some of the top free (and some paid) tools for completing all of the steps outlined in The Value Plan. Please note that I have placed "affiliate" links on some of these recommendations.  If you prefer not to have my recommendation of these sites register with that specific website, please feel free to Google the name of the company I've listed below and visit them on your own.

Tools for Organizing your Value Plan

How you choose to collect, analyze and track the information that you use in your Value Planning efforts should be based on your own personal way of working.  I've collected the top tools that my students and I have found useful and have organized them here:

Data Collection and Analysis Tools

Collecting and analyzing data either from original or secondary sources is one of the most challenging efforts that you and your teams will have to undertake when creating a Value Plan.  I have listed three resources that I have found are vital for these efforts here:

Presentation Tools

Being able to make a presentation effectively is one of the most important capabilities for a marketing executive to possess.  And after sitting in more boring meetings than I care to remember, the ability to (1) tell a good story, in (2) a visually appealing way, these tools will definitely be of help to you and your team members:

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