The Value Plan: Live Case Study #1 - Metabirds

Metabirds Week 8: The Value System

Welcome back to the Live Case Study with Metabirds. We have crossed the halfway point, and are now on Building Block 8 of 12: the value system.

As per the literature, the value system is the overall system of partners, players and relationships that you and your company create around the solution product across its entire lifecycle and into its next.

To build the value system (map), we needed to identify several key elements, and then place them in a legible, and easily understood format. In other words, as close as possible to the ideal model. However, we allowed ourselves to go throw ideas to the wall, and link them after. Much like design thinking, ideas come first [based on research and discussion], and structure comes later.

The first version of the map looked like this:

All the elements of the (eventual) final map were there, however it was organized in a haphazard manner. We highly recommend storing it aside and taking a look at it later. In this manner, flaws can be more readily identified and corrected.

It took a while to create a much more cohesive version of the map, but here it is:

  • The end-user is placed at the center of the map, as they should be the focus of all activities.
  • The dotted lines represent two-way active communication.
  • The dashed lines are places with two points or more points of entry on ONE side.
  • The double lines are there to show that they form part of another major element.
  • The green lines represent an inflow/outflow of cash.
  • Faded squircles/circles are there to differentiate between current and desired states.

Next week, we’ll be covering the competitive landscape. Stay tuned!

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