The Value Plan: Live Case Study #1 - Metabirds

Metabirds Week 6: All Aboard the E-learning Train

Week 6 – Metabirds

Last time on Metabirds, we looked at its flagship product’s (Botbird) capabilities and challenges. We also slightly touched on what groups might be the most receptive to having value added by chatbots.

To wit:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Online education courses (e-learning)
  • Restaurants
  • Travel agencies

E-learning stood out from the rest due to its relative infancy compared to other industries. By being digital in nature from the get-go, its end-users would be more willing to try out new innovations in this space such as chatbots. Another factor that made us consider this, is the fact that most chatbots seem to be aiming for the other areas (and being a personal assistant a la Siri or Alexa).

Source: TokBox Blog

But, we needed more information about this market that we intended to capture. The team thus decided to conduct an online survey via Google Forms. This survey was placed in groups/sub-groups on different social networks. There wasn’t any overarching criteria for how a group was selected [such as age, gender, or location].

Over a couple of days, dozens of respondents filled the form and provided us with ample insight as to what the pain points for users of e-learning platforms were. Namely:

  1. Course quality
  2. Lack of motivation/easy to skip a class
  3. Physical isolation (lack of interaction with course mates/instructors)
  4. Time conflict with work commitments

Using a chatbot to alleviate or even completely eliminate some of these problems should lead higher ROI for all parties involved.

To obtain that buy-in, we devised three different approaches.

Approach A: Traditional research methods

Approach B: Producing a video that compares e-learning with and without the use of chatbots.

Approach C: A live demonstration to interested parties.

The first approach was chosen, as the others would require a not insignificant amount of financial resources, and time. We would be remiss if we did not suggest to tailor your approach based on your individual and/or organization’s resources.

In the coming week, we’ll be attempting to establish contact with educators who have had experience with hosting an online course. This will enable us to compare and contrast the pain points from both sides of the fence.

Lessons Learned

  • Having clearly, structured questions during your research will yield better results;
  • Tailor the approach based on resources.

Stay tuned for more adventures with the Value Plan! And remember, we invite questions from readers!

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