Metabirds Week 5: Hmm…Who would benefit from our bot?

Good day folks!

Back at it again with the LRTC! We know we’ve been coming back to this topic of weeks, but it is one of the most crucial aspects of the Value Plan that we were able to identify the LRTC. In order to do so, we asked Shimaya-san for a training session on how to use Botbird for businesses so we can grasp more information on its capabilities.

Metabird’s Capability

Then we tried to match its capabilities to the challenges both businesses and Metabird are facing.

Metabird’s challenges

  • Wants to use Botbird to help businesses prosper.
  • Connecting with prospect business that would be interested in the product.

Businesses’ challenges

  • Understanding and connecting with customers effectively.
  • Insufficient manpower to effectively connect with customers.

After understanding these challenges, we tried to define what is an “effective engagement with customers”. These were the result of our research:

  1. Always available anytime customers need help
  2. Care for and remembers the customer
  3. Interact with a personal touch

Finding the Challenges

As we all know, connecting with customers personally takes a lot of manpower and time, especially when that business has a wide range of customer base.

This is where Chatbots come into play. It answers to all the challenges from both the business and customer perspective.

Adding on to the research, we brainstorm of an industry that would deeply appreciate or must interact with customers on a daily basis. We unanimously said “Service Industry”. Now the next step would be to pinpoint which group of people we can solve their problems the most with least expense. What kind of business would save so much time and manpower if a Chatbot is used? Well….We are in the process of locating and reaching these group of people.We started off by exploring these market: Online Education Courses, Beauty, Travel agencies, Fashion, Health Care, and Restaurants.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t limit yourself with language capabilities
  • Find a group of people or business with the same problem, not the entire industry
  • Don’t worry if you come back to the same spot, it’s a part of understanding the Value Plan

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we test out our theory and prove our LRTC!

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