The Value Plan: Live Case Study #1 - Metabirds

Metabirds Week 3: Digging deeper into the LRTC

Hello folks! Before we update this weeks’ discussion, let me refresh your memory on what happened last week.

After we researched whether or not our candidates really has potentials, we narrowed down the list to 4 candidates:

  1. Legacy Bot for people who wants to preserve their identity.
  2. Education Bot for Businesses to better educate their user or employees.
  3. Customer Service Bot for Businesses to better their customer’s complaints or inquiries.
  4. Anime Bot for People who wants to interact with their favorite anime character.

As for this week, we will investigate further if these candidates would really be our advocates of the brand.

Seeing Siri as the pinnacle of Chatbots, we were encouraged to look deeper into the Chatbot industry to find the gap of which Metabirds can fit in with its current capabilities. After discovering a global Chatbot community, we found out that there are more than 1,000 registered Chatbots that does functions from being an animated girlfriend to customer support from all types of businesses to Chuck Norris Chatbot to Chatbots teaching languages and so forth.


This makes Metabird pretty late in the game of artificial intelligence, however, one market stood out, the “Death Market”. This market would make perfect sense as Japan becoming an aging society country with more than 33% being more than 60 years old. As stated by the Japan Times that preparing for death becoming more common, customers want to make sure that their death is not disturbing the living. Death industries (Shukatsu) have become a 16 billion dollars industry in this past years and technologies catering this market is rushing to provide services such as preserving people’s characteristic or identity e.g. or

Unfortunately, when discussed to the team, we agreed that we shouldn’t profit off the dead and it contradicts Buddha’s teachings of not letting go. When continuing with the value plan, one should not forget moral and ethical issues. We finally parked this idea for the meantime and explore more on Metabirds capabilities, we might have missed something.

Next week: We’ll delve deeper into Metabirds’ capabilities and LRTC. Stay tuned!




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