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The Value Plan Manifesto:

"Today, Marketing is no longer about "selling more stuff" but about creating true, measurable and long-lasting value.

For marketing executives around the world, VALUE has become the new currency of Marketing success.  And I've created this book, website, course and supporting materials to help you manage this transition for yourself, your team and your entire company."

Guiding Principles:

  • Profitably co-creating value with our customers, employees, partners, community and planet is now required.
  • Effective marketing practice requires relationships and anticipation. Taking time to build these is not wasted time. It is a necessary and important investment.
  • Learning and adapting are a part of this process, not an enemy of it.
  • The practice of marketing requires action. a. Talking about marketing is not doing marketing. b. Marketing does not happen in a textbook. c. Knowing marketing theory does not mean that you know how to do marketing.
  • The outcome of the Value Plans that you build is a beginning for delivering unprecedented Value. True value will only arise when you put these plans into action.
  • Creating Value is a world-changing exercise. Now is the time to help change the world for the better.

Inspiring a shift to a Value-focus

I've created The Value Plan to progress through three inter-connected sections.  While I would love to get you started creating your own breakthrough products and services right from the very beginning, I've learned from nearly 15 years of experience teaching global executives and MBA students from around the world that we need to take care of two important issues before we do this.  First, we'll build the right mindset and approach to marketing, then I'll introduce you to the tools that you'll have at your disposal to create breakthrough products and services, and finally we'll get you working to apply these to your own value-driven marketing strategy.

Who Should Read The Value Plan:

  • Marketing executives who manage high-performing teams
  • Executives newly transferred into the Marketing Division
  • Small business owners in charge of marketing products and services
  • Marketing professionals looking to personally improve their skills
  • Students of marketing who are looking for a more practical, hands-on understanding of marketing
  • Any of my former students who wants to brush up on the skills you learned in my classes

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