Week 9: Competitive Landscape

As we explored the Value system map, we decided to expand our analysis to our competitors in the field of Chatbot and how they solve the current PWS of facilitating educators. The results were astonishing and were able to let us draft our secret strategy; to be later revealed upon launching 🙂 The team looked at 22…

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Metabirds Week 5: Hmm…Who would benefit from our bot?

Good day folks! Back at it again with the LRTC! We know we’ve been coming back to this topic of weeks, but it is one of the most crucial aspects of the Value Plan that we were able to identify the LRTC. In order to do so, we asked Shimaya-san for a training session on…

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The Value Plan: Live Case Study #1 - Metabirds

Metabirds Week 3: Digging deeper into the LRTC

Hello folks! Before we update this weeks’ discussion, let me refresh your memory on what happened last week. After we researched whether or not our candidates really has potentials, we narrowed down the list to 4 candidates: Legacy Bot for people who wants to preserve their identity. Education Bot for Businesses to better educate their…

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