Canycom: Secrets to finding new value

While the world has fallen in love with the idea of growing big and getting rich for the benefit of the company and its shareholders (at the expense of all other stakeholders), we’ve lost sight of the fact that there are many other companies out there that do not take this approach. Instead, they approach…

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7 Keys to Understanding Value

As you may have noticed, I’m on a quest to help any individual or organization, public or private, big or small understand how to “see,” and therefore measure and manage the value that they create. To do so, I’ve assembled a team of researchers here in Kyoto to help me dig into this, and the…

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The 12 Steps to Marketing Mastery

No matter if you’re a top marketing executive or a student of marketing, the road from where you are today to a complete and value-focused marketing strategy progresses through 12 Steps, that I’ve broken into four unique phases. Phase 1 is the Problem Definition Phase, and includes Steps 1-5. You’ll begin this phase by focusing…

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Why Value System Maps are Vital

Today it was announced that the Associated Press has just won the Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on Seafood from Slaves. Aside from wondering how in the world companies could let such atrocities happen within their supply chains (and I’ve spent a while mulling this since seeing the AP stories when they were published), these…

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Why Core Values Matter

How to not be an Evil Marketer, or Why Core Values Matter

Here in Kyoto, Japan there is a tea shop called Ujicha Kanbayashi that has been in business for more than 450 years.  The current owner, Mr. Sannyo Kanbayashi, is its 16th generation President, and Ujicha Kanbayashi, with a loyal, global customer base shows every indication that it will easily surpass 500 years in business and more.…

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The 12 Building Blocks of Value

The 12 Building Blocks of Value: Part 2

As we discussed in Part I of this post, there are infinite ways to create marketing strategy.  If you’re reading this, you’re likely in a position for either creating or approving marketing strategies, and have found that the traditional textbook method for making these has now become shockingly out of date. After many years of research…

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Twelve Building Blocks of Value

The 12 Building Blocks of Value: Part 1

There are an infinite number of ways to build marketing strategy. Some are effective, some are not. Some inspire the creation of unprecedented value for the world, some land with a thud as potential customers couldn’t be bothered with what has been developed for them to use. What makes the difference between these two types…

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What's Wrong with Marketing Plans?

What’s Wrong with the Marketing Plan?

As a professor of Marketing, I know it would be easiest for me to be praising the importance of a Marketing Plan for you and your Marketing team.  From high school to MBA courses on Marketing and Marketing Strategy, the mighty Marketing Plan is put on the pedestal as an ultimate and important skill set in the arsenal…

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Do You Have The Mindset For Marketing Success?

Later I learned too that Pahuska (General Custer) had found there much of the yellow metal that makes the Wasichus (settlers) crazy… Our people knew there was yellow metal in little chunks up there; but they did not bother with it, because it was not good for anything.* — Black Elk, as quoted in John…

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The 4Ps are Dead…and what we should do about it.

I had a dream last night.  The 4Ps were all alive and well, and dancing around on my black and white television set with Bing Crosby singing “It’s a Good Day” in the background.  Hey, can’t you see them too?  There goes Product and Price, followed quickly by Place and Promotion.  And then they break apart, and form a…

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