Let me help you create products & services that generate true value!

Hi I'm Philip Sugai, and I've written The Value Plan to help you create solutions that generate real, measurable value for your customers, company, employees, partners, society and the planet.

Markets and customers are constantly in motion, always changing and evolving.

Only those products and services that can keep up will thrive.

To find your best customers, solve their most important problems and create the highest possible value you need:

  • 1

    A Value Mindset

    With this mindset, you'll be able to create value for your customers, organization, employees and other partners, society and the planet.

  • 2

    The Best Tools

    Understand and master the twelve most important tools to help unlock value

  • 3

    A Clear & Flexible Strategy

    Learn a proven, step-by-step framework to create and implement the best possible marketing strategy.

  • 4

    A Commitment to Listen, Learn & Adapt

    Learn how to create new systems to listen, learn and adapt as your customers evolve and grow over time.

I wrote The Value Plan to help anyone in any organization anywhere in the world to create products and services that create clear and measurable value.

If you only learn one thing on this site:

It's that Value is the new currency of Marketing

Let me teach you what this means in exactly 4 minutes, 27 seconds!


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I've created this Mini-course to let you experience the contents of The Value Plan while at the same time getting a clearer focus on the exact customers you can best serve, and the most important problem that you or your organization should be focused on solving.

In this mini-course, you'll learn how to:

(1) Find you most important customers, AND


(2) Solve their Most Important Problems with the products and services that you create

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The Value Plan Book & Workbook

The Value Plan book is the complete resource for the value mindset, tools, and the step-by-step process to apply them.  You can purchase the book alone, or together with the complete workbook that includes more than 17 full-color worksheets.  Because it's published through Leanpub, it comes with an automatic 45-day money-back guarantee, and real-time updates as the contents are modified and updated.

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The Online Master Class

3-5 Minute Videos For Each Chapter!  Each chapter of The Value Plan has been distilled into short 3-5 minute videos to help you quickly understand and be ready to apply the concepts and tools from The Value Plan.  Within each of the 30+ videos, you'll be able to dig deeply into the most important elements of each chapter of The Value Plan.

Learn Online or Offline: Sometimes you don't have time to sit down and watch a video. Each chapter comes in an audio format and a full transcription. There are also downloadable worksheets to help you immediately apply the lessons you've just learned.

Support is only a click away!  If you have a question about the course or are having difficult understanding some of the concepts just ask a question using the built in support feature.

What Executives are saying about The Value Plan

  • Learning about the value based approach to marketing completely changed my perception of the entire field. The toolbox that the Value Plan delivers is one I use daily, as I plan, execute and manage marketing operations. In fact, the lessons learned I apply far beyond my professional life -  get ready for a real eye opener!
    Adrian Sossna, Chief Marketing OfficerHakarus
      Adrian Sossna, Chief Marketing Officer
  • The Value Plan is definitely the best book about marketing that I have ever come to read. Working as a marketer in the FMCG industry for 7 years, I have never come across a material that is as thought-provoking, eye-opening and change-stimulating as The Value Plan. This is a real MUST-READ material for any serious marketer or entrepreneur. No matter how long you have been in the business world, this book is bound to take you aback, think, reflect and act.
    Trinh Can, Marketing Executive Dang Khanh Commercial and Services Ltd Company (Vietnam)
      Trinh Can, Marketing Executive
  • I found the Value Plan as a very useful tool when trying to engage a new market. Specifically the focus of having a value creation mindset through the “problem worth solving” exercise coupled with the mapping of the market environment and flow of goods unlocked a clear best strategy to enter the market, superseding previously held notions of the best entry position.
    Njabulo Sibisi, Business Development ManagerLerumo Energy (S. Africa)
      Njabulo Sibisi, Business Development Manager

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