The 12 Steps to Marketing Mastery

No matter if you’re a top marketing executive or a student of marketing, the road from where you are today to a complete and value-focused marketing strategy progresses through 12 Steps, that I’ve broken into four unique phases.

Phase 1 is the Problem Definition Phase, and includes Steps 1-5. You’ll begin this phase by focusing on your organization’s core values, and finish with a clear understanding of who your most important customer segment is, and the shared problem that they face that your organization has the capabilities to effectively solve.

Phase 2 is the Knowledge Creation Phase, and includes Steps 6-8. You’ll begin this phase by creating a M.E.C.E. Question Tree, then map our the Value System surrounding your Problem Worth Solving, and finally, you’ll define who exactly you’re competing with, and how you and your organization can offer a truly unique solution.

Phase 3 is the Strategy Development Phase, and includes Steps 9-11. In this phase you’ll define your objectives, create a number of possible strategic options to achieve these, and ultimately choose the most effective strategy to implement to solve the Problem Worth Solving and create the highest possible level of value for all five value actors.

Finally, Phase 4 is the Value Creation Phase where you will apply Step #12 to enter the ongoing process of constant improvement.

Here is a visual guide to help you walk through each of these phases and the 12 steps of Section 3 of The Value Plan.

About The Author

Philip Sugai

Dr. Sugai joined Doshisha Graduate School of Business in 2013 where he teaches Marketing, eMarketing, Marketing Research, and Sustainable and Responsible Marketing to Global MBA program students. Prior to joining the Doshisha University faculty, Dr. Sugai taught at the International University of Japan in Niigata since 2002, where he taught similar courses and served both as Dean and Associate Dean for more than 6 years. He received his Doctoral degree from Waseda University’s Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunications Studies and his M.B.A. in Marketing and Operations Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business. He has worked as a marketing executive at American Express, Muze, Inc., and Lightningcast, Inc., and as a marketing consultant for Advantage Marketing Information.

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