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What You'll Get From This Mini-Course:

Clear insights into your best customers and the best problems to solve

The purpose of this Mini-Course is to help you gain new insights into the most important, Lightning Rod Target Customers, or what I call the LRTC.  We'll jump right into this in the first class video.  Then, once you've identified the best possible candidates to be your LRTC, you'll then explore the different challenges and problems that your LRTC candidate groups are facing, all in search of what I call the Problem Worth Solving, or the PWS.  Finally, the third video will help you bring these first two steps together, analyze what you've found, and decide on truly the best possible customer group to serve and the best problem to help them solve through the solution or solutions that you make.

To help you accomplish this, this Mini-Course includes:

Short, to-the-point videos to guide you

Each chapter of The Value Plan Master Class is accompanied by a short 3-5 minute video that walks through the key points from each chapter, and whenever there's a worksheet or tool, gives clear examples of how to use these as well.  In this Mini-Course, I've taken three of these chapters into one short course to help you find your best possible customers and the best possible problems to focus on solving.

Multiple Ways to Learn

You don't always have time to sit down and watch a video to understand the things you'll need to do. Each chapter comes in an audio format and a transcription. There are also completion guides, that track how far you've come, and how you're progressing through the content.

Full Color Worksheets and Toolkits

Each chapter in Section 3 of The Online Master Class comes with its own full-color worksheet that you can print and use to guide you throughout your brainstorming and value-creation efforts.  I've prepared three of these for you here in this Free Mini-course to guide your customer discovery efforts!

If you're ready to find your BEST possible customers and the BEST problems to solve for them, then this completely FREE mini-course was created just for you!

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