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Work through The Value Plan LIVE with Professor Sugai in this intensive 4-Week Class!

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What You'll Get From The LIVE Value Plan Master Class:

A fully tested, value-focused marketing strategy and value proposition

This Master Class will help you walk through the entire Value Plan process from beginning to end.  You'll start with creating a true value mindset, then progress to exploring each of the tools you'll be working with when you create strategy, and finally, this course will walk you through a Step-By-Step process to create the best possible marketing strategy.

  • 1. Define Core Values

    We’ll start by helping you define the Core Values of your organization, and use these to guide everything that you create.

  • 2. Define WHY you're creating marketing strategy

    We’ll then clarify EXACTLY what you would like to achieve in working with The Value Plan.  By doing this early, I’ll help you avoid countless wasted hours of focusing your efforts on the wrong results.

  • 3. Define your BEST Customers

    While there are many possible customers that you could serve, focusing on the most important ones, that I call the Lightning Rod Target Customer (LRTC) will help you generate much higher levels of value.

  • 4. Define the most important Problem to solve

    We’ll then move to defining the most important shared problem that will help you best serve your LRTC, while also accomplishing your organizations goals.

  • 5. Become and Expert in the situation

    I’ll introduce you to Question Trees and Value System Maps as tools to help you become an expert in the Problem that you’ve chosen to focus upon, and its current competitive solutions.

  • 6. Define the Competition

    I’ll help you to understand the competition from your customer’s viewpoint, and what they consider “good enough” to solve their problems, opening up new opportunities for better solutions from you and your organization.

  • 7. Set your benchmarks for Success

    We’ll then focus on setting S.M.A.R.T. Objectives that will define the benchmarks that you use to judge your success (or failure) as you roll out your marketing strategy and value-creation efforts.

  • 8. Create Compelling Strategic Options

    Using the idea of OODA Loops, you’ll define 3-5 possible options to achieve your objectives, each offering a higher level of return .

  • 9. Define Your Strategy & Value Proposition

    We’ll then walk through the process for choosing your best possible strategy, and formulate a plan to test this to get quick and actionable results.

  • 10. Learn to Embrace L.M.A.R.

    L.M.A.R. stands for Launch, Monitor, Analyze and Revise, and is part of the upcycle of constant testing, learning and improvement. No one can guarantee that your first strategy will be a success, but with the L.M.A.R. mindset, you’ll leverage the power of OODA Loops to ultimately achieve success and generate unprecedented levels of new value.

To help you accomplish this, The Value Plan Master Class includes four (4) 60-minute classes with Professor Sugai:

  • 1

    Week 1: The Value Mindset

    In this first week's lesson, Professor Sugai will introduce you to the core concepts related to Value and The Value Mindset, and apply these insights to The KITKAT in Japan (A) & (B) Case studies (provided free to all LIVE Master Class students).

  • 2

    Week 2: Your Value Creation Tools

    In this second week's lesson, Professor Sugai will introduce you to the 12 Building Blocks of Value from Section 2 of The Value Plan, and apply these in a case discussion of the KITKAT in Japan (C) Case.

  • 3

    Week 3: Creating Value, Part 1

    In this 3rd Week's class, Professor Sugai will walk you through Steps 1-6 from The Value Plan, and help you begin to apply these to your own organization's products and services. You'll outline your organization's core values, define exactly why you are using The Value Plan, find the best possible customers to focus upon and find the most compelling problems to solve. We'll also walk through the KITKAT in Japan (D) case applying everything that we've learned from our previous discussions.

  • 4

    Week 4: Creating Value, Part 2

    In this 4th and final week, we'll walk through Steps 7-12 of The Value Plan, beginning with building your expertise in the Problem you previously identified through Question Trees and Value System Maps. We'll then proceed to help you create clear, compelling objectives, strategic marketing options, and a test plan to help you implement OODA Loops to get the fastest, most helpful feedback from your LRTC to help you further improve and focus your value-creation efforts.

PLUS, A Special Offer only for LIVE Online Master Class students!

  • 1

    A 30-minute Pre-class consulting Session

    In order to get the most out of The Value Plan process, all LIVE Online Master Class participants will be able to schedule a 30-minute pre-class consulting session with Professor Sugai. This will help make sure that you get the most out of The Value Plan Master Class, and also enable me to match lecture content to your specific requirements and needs.

  • 2

    A 30-minute Post-class consulting Session

    Within 60-days after completing The LIVE Online Master Class, you will also get a follow-up 30-minute consulting session with Professor Sugai to help make sure that you've clearly understood all course content, have been able to apply it to your own organization's challenges, and to get feedback on your efforts to Launch, Monitor, Analyze and Relaunch your marketing strategy.

The LIVE Online Master Class also gives you access to all Online Master Class materials including:

30+ Short, to-the-point videos to guide you

Each chapter of The Value Plan Master Class is accompanied by a short 3-5 minute video that walks through the key points from each chapter, and whenever there's a worksheet or tool, gives clear examples of how to use these as well.  Each video is a synthesis of the key lessons outlined in each specific chapter from The Value Plan book.

Multiple Ways to Learn

You don't always have time to sit down and watch a video to understand the things you'll need to do. Each chapter comes in an audio format and a transcription. There are also completion guides, that track how far you've come, and how you're progressing through the content.

Full Color Worksheets and Toolkits

Each chapter in Section 3 of The Online Master Class comes with its own full-color worksheet that you can print and use to guide you throughout your brainstorming and value-creation efforts.  I've prepared three of these for you here in this Free Mini-course to guide your customer discovery efforts!

If you're ready to create the BEST possible marketing strategy and generate the HIGHEST possible levels of value for your customers, organization, employees, partners, society and the planet, and would like to get real-time instruction and feedback from Professor Sugai on your efforts, then The Value Plan LIVE Online Master Class was created just for you!

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